My Beat Saber mods / Tools

I really dont care how this page looks lmao, function first.
Any mod listed here can be assumed to be compatible with the latest version of the game (And possibly older ones too), even when not explicitly updated for a given update (Assuming the last game update is at least a few days back). In doubt you can always try and see if it works - If it somehow doesnt please feel free to file an Issue in the respective repo!

To install any of the mods simply go to the respective Repository, grab the mod files and possibly its dependencies from the latest Release and drop it into your Game's folder in the respective directories (If its just a .dll file, into the Plugins folder)
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Gotta Go Fast - Significantly decreases the time it takes to (re)start and leave songs

Better Song Search - Search and download songs with a lot of filtering and sorting options while ingame

Better Song List - Adds Various improvements to the Basegame song list like Filters, a persisted state and much more

Camera2 - Adds a lot of options / tools for creating more advanced desktop viewing experiences with multiple camera angles and much more

Shaffuru - Endless Mode evolved. You pick a duration to play for and it keeps feeding you songs that you have downloaded in a random order.

ImBlindedByTheLights - Allows you to have Static Lights in VR while keeping the normal Lightshow on the Desktop (Or the opposite!).

Tweaks55 - A collection of various useful tweaks and settings that are normally unavailable

OverswingCounter - Counter for Counters+ that shows you how much swing angle it is that you have too much, or too little, compared to a 'perfect' swing

SmoothedController - Smoothes your Controller position while in menus to make it less shaky, making the UI easier to use, etc.

FocusMod - Stops you from looking at your Accuracy when you shouldnt (When theres not a downtime in the song)

And many more!